The global economy is set to slow down in 2019. In your opinion, which will be the first to return to their previous economic growth rates?

The year 2018 was all about trade protectionism. In your opinion, how much more time will the largest global economies need to settle their trade woes?

A growing number of experts believe that the high penetration of electric cars will finally bring the oil era to an end. In your opinion, how soon will the transport industry cease to be a key driver in creating demand for oil products?

In your opinion, what is the most promising model for the bank of the future?

Which Russian industries do you think are still most appealing to foreign investors?

Globalisation has been a key trend in the world economy for decades. However, in the midst of Brexit and trade wars, it has been replaced by regionalisation. Which of the following trends, in your opinion, will dominate in the middle term?

Cybersecurity has been one of the hottest topics for some years running. Please tell us the extent to which your company's approach on this issue has changed

In preparations for holding the FIFA World Cup last year, infrastructure in the host cities underwent major improvements. Do you believe that hosting the FIFA World Cup has helped to attract more foreign tourists to Russia?

Green technology has become a frequent topic of discussion. Please specify how the adoption of green technology has benefited your company.

What levels can we expect oil price quotations to reach in the remaining months of 2019?

Cross-cutting digital technology has been a broad topic of discussion in recent years. Which types of digital technology may have the strongest demand from your business?

In 2018, the exchange rate for Bitcoin fell by a factor of four. Do you believe that it means that cryptocurrencies have no future?

Do you expect a new global recession in the coming months?

Last year, the Russian President’s May Decree direct the Government to ensure that the Russian economy grows faster than the global economy. In your opinion, what could be the strongest driver in achieving this objective?